Ancient wheat flour from Italy

I am a registered farmer, keeper of ancient grains in the region of Tuscany. My farm Vestri is in the province of Arezzo, and we grow ancient durum wheat from the Senatore Cappelli family. We are trying to make flour and pasta from this wheat as naturally as possible.

Manuela Vestri

My family has always cultivated in an organic way even though they never looked for an organic certification, they simply believed in the practice of respecting the Earth. I am a third generation farmer, and after meeting Shumei in 2014 I decided to convert to Natural Agriculture completely. My relationship with the Earth has become deeper and more intense. 

After we harvest the grain we use a sifter to select seeds for the next crop, a tool that my grandparents used. We then make stone-ground flour in a small mill on the slopes of Mount Amiata where the microclimate of the area allows us to keep the grain without having to use artificially cooled  containers, and the grinding is done with a local peperino stone, which imparts a special fragrance to the flour. Grinding is done a little at a time so that the flour in the final product is no more than two months old. This allows us to always provide a high-quality product, and especially fresh. 

With whole wheat flour we make tagliatelle and other pasta, produced in two artisanal pasta factories. Both of them work with ancient grains and dry the pasta slowly at least for 37 hours

Gentil Rosso

This ancient grain owes its name to the reddish tinge that its ears take on when ripe. Rich in proteins, but low in gluten, Gentil Rosso flours are ideal in the production of bread, pizza and focaccia. BUY


Named after this because it is less prone to lodging, this soft wheat is widespread in Emilia and Tuscany. Inallettabile flours are mainly used in the production of Tuscan bread. BUY


Ancient wheat with high ears, particularly subject to lodging in the event of storms or strong winds. Low in gluten, but with a substantial percentage of protein, it makes the products more digestible and assimilable. Good for pastry and cakes. BUY

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