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Over the years of pursuing a lifestyle in harmony with nature, practising the highest regard and respect for it, Shumei has partnered up with many who share the same views and uphold the same values.

Driven by much talked about beer production that involves a myriad of additives, NA beer production was simply a matter of time.

This very popular drink is often present during social gatherings and at times of relaxation so why not make it as healthy as possible?

The content of this Natural Agriculture Lager is simply Natural Agriculture malt, organic hops and natural water .

We are talking about three Shumei collaborators involved in the Production of Natural Agriculture Lager.

The main ingredient, barley is produced and grown by David Wilson, the farm manager at the Dutchy Home Farm in Gloucestershire.

In Natural Agriculture strong emphasis is placed on seed preservation and saving of local seeds because the seeds carry the memory of the land.

David Wilson is a keeper of Plumage Archer, the first commercially bread cropping barley in England. He is saving seeds every year in order to preserve the variety. This year’s barley was grown in the fields which saw no pesticides, herbicides, fertilisers of any kind, not even animal manure for more than 10 years.

Once harvested the barley is taken to Warminster Maltings, one of only three UK MALTSTERS with organic certification. The traditional floor malting requires a lot of work, starting with checking the grains, control of germination, all the way to kiln drying.

The process is conducted in the ambient temperature of the malt floors, achieved by the opening and closing of the non- glazed windows spaced all along their length.  Such natural process enables the individual batches of barley to fully express themselves.

After the harvest and the malting, the beer is then made in the Cotswolds, at the STROUD Brewery.

Greg Pilly, the founder and the Managing Director of the brewery was introduced to Natural Agriculture whilst previously working for the Soil Association.  It comes , therefore , as no surprise that this partnership was set up and the product is right here!

Greg explained why he set up the brewery: “Because, in our experience, great tasting food and drink creates the opportunity for human connection, and when people come together and friendships form, positive outcomes are possible. This is why social objectives partnered with our environmental objectives, continue to shape our enterprise.”

The brewery makes different types of beer, but Natural Agriculture Lager is only available at Shumei centre in London. Because the barley used is a Natural Agriculture barley, the taste is slightly different each year because we cannot mix with other malts to produce the same taste.

Available in 330ml bottle and can.

Also available in case (contains 12 bottles or 24 cans).

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