Spirit of The Land by Diana Jerkins




Human development is at a crossroads. Societies around the world are searching for a balance between feeding the population, producing an affordable food supply, and being caretakers for the natural world. Not since the transition from hunting and gathering to an agrarian lifestyle has there been an imperative for a paradigm shift in agriculture to meet these challenges. Natural Agriculture is a paradigm shift from the current commercial agricultural processes. Natural Agriculture is a partnership between the farmer, the consumer, and nature. Spirit of the Land explains how the concepts of Natural Agriculture were developed, how farmers can practice Natural Agriculture, and what can be achieved through Natural Agriculture farming. It is a comprehensive resource for learning Natural Agriculture principles and practical guidelines from seed saving, restoration and protection of the soil to continuous cropping. The book also provides additional information on how to apply agronomic and horticultural knowledge to Natural Agriculture. Examples of how to practice Natural Agriculture are told through stories from Natural Agriculture farmers who share their successes as well as their mistakes. The book describes how Natural Agriculture not only feeds the hungry, but how it can bring balance to the environment and peace and health to those participating in growing and consuming Natural Agriculture products.

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