How do you choose foods you eat every day? Do you check allergen information? What food additives are used? Where does it come from? Food mileage? Do you use a special mobile app to check the traceability? Most of you may check the expiration date, perhaps.

Shumei Natural Agriculture is more than a system of food production, it is a way of life. We see the natural world as an organic, living and spiritual being where the elements of nature work best in harmony when they are left in their pure and natural state. Our role as a global community is to learn how the natural world works and adapt our lifestyle to fit with it.

We believe nature supply necessary foods suitable for the people in that region. Shumei Natural Agriculture simply trust the power of nature that can grow healthy and tasty crops that are full of vital energy. Therefore, Shumei Natural Agriculture farmers do not use any chemicals whatsoever in its farming methodology—no herbicides, no pesticides, and no fertilisers—not even animal manure. 

Our staff members visit our partner farmers regularly and exchange ideas about how we can practice agriculture in harmony with the natural cycle. We would like to connect these hard-working people with as many people as possible who are looking for tasty and healthy foods.

Happy Soil Foods

Established in London in 2014 to share Natural Agriculture products in the UK and Europe, food grown without any additives. The ingredients of each products are grown without applying synthetic chemicals, fertilisers (including animal manures), to control or manipulate the growing process, but instead focus on supporting and working in partnership with the natural forces to build a balanced, ecological partnership between farmer, food, earth, and eater.

Registered company name Shumei Natural Agriculture limited
Company number 09361137
VAT no. GB230 5818 26
Registered office address: 201 Haverstock Hill, London, NW3 4QG