Logothetis Extra Virgin Olive Oil

 Buy Logothetis Olive oil We often talk about nutrition, healthy eating and different types of cuisines; when doing so, we often talk about Mediterranean diet as one of the healthiest around. It includes fresh vegetables, fruit, herbs and nuts, lots of sea food and of course olive oil. Olives have been cultivated in some Mediterranean

Natural Agriculture Rapeseed Oil

Many of us have enjoyed a late spring drive through the country side where shades of lush, green colors and cultivated fields greet the senses.  Often that vastness of green space is interrupted by the bright yellow stretches of rapeseed. This plant, from the genus of brassica and related to cabbage, cauliflower and mustards, has been

Newly harvested Japanese Tea

We have received Japanese tea from Japan. Mr Ogose is producing tea in Shizuoka prefecture in Japan, which is famous for Japanese tea production. Unlike other Japanese tea, he is growing “Sancha” variety. This is Japanese heirloom variety which is grown in mountain areas naturally. Another producer, Yûsando, is producing teas in Uji in Kyoto

Ancient wheat flour from Italy

Vestri farm is growing varieties of ancient wheat. We have just received flours of three varieties. Gentil Rosso This ancient grain owes its name to the reddish tinge that its ears take on when ripe. Rich in proteins, but low in gluten, Gentil Rosso flours are ideal in the production of bread, pizza and focaccia.

Tea from Japan added!

We have received Japanese tea from Shizuoka which accounts for 40% of Japan’s overall tea production. The producer, Hakkei-en, started production of sencha green tea first but now their hoji tea (roasted green tea) became very popular as well. This time, we have received sencha loose leaf, hoji tea loose leaf, hoji tea bags and

Podere Midolla Olive oil

Antonella Rastrelli – Podere Midolla  Antonella has been practicing Natural Agriculture since 2008 and produces healthy high-quality Natural Agriculture olive oil. Podere Midolla also has guest lodging facilities and serves Tuscan cuisine with homemade olive oil.  Antonella’s work at Podere Midolla includes caring for the olive groves, milling and bottling the oil, managing the lodging

Olive oil from Greece

The Logothetis family has a long history of producing extra virgin olive oil in Zakynthos island, Greece. The current owner, Dionyssis, is always pursuing creating excellent quality of olive oil and has been growing olives organically since 2005. From his experience, he found nature knows how to grow olive trees. What he needs to do