I received a feedback from a person who tried Natural Agriculture tea in Japan.

“I had to be hospitalised suddenly with pneumonia. A friend brought me some Natural Agriculture tea, and I immediately steeped the tea leaves in 2 litres of water overnight and drank it the next day. As soon as I caught the fragrance, I felt a powerful sense of relief welling up from my chest! This was a stark contrast to my time in the hospital when I felt nauseous from the smell of eggs served at meals, likely due to the unpleasant odor from the feed used. It made me realise the importance of aroma. I would like to express my gratitude to the people behind Natural Agriculture products.”

When our body is weak, we can feel the difference of foods more clearly. When I am fine, I sometimes tend to eat so-called junk food or highly processed foods, saying ” this much should be ok…’. But I remember when I had a cold or was not in good condition, I did not want to eat those things.

I hope more people can have access to naturally grown foods, especially during times when they are in a weakened condition.