Antonella Rastrelli – Podere Midolla 

Antonella Rastrelli

Antonella has been practicing Natural Agriculture since 2008 and produces healthy high-quality Natural Agriculture olive oil. Podere Midolla also has guest lodging facilities and serves Tuscan cuisine with homemade olive oil. 

Antonella’s work at Podere Midolla includes caring for the olive groves, milling and bottling the oil, managing the lodging facilities and cooking at the restaurant.   

Harvest season is the busiest time. In order to keep its high quality, harvested olive needs to be processed at the oil mill as soon as possible after harvest. To avoid the contamination with other organic olives, she goes to the mill in early morning and she is always the first person to press olives. Antonella works night and day during harvest season. Bottling is also a hard work. Antonella bottles thousands of bottles of olive oil almost single handedly.  

Antonella said;

“I abandoned old agricultural customs and a ways of thinking that were bound only by economic reasons; instead, I turned my attention to a philosophy that is more deeply connected to nature itself.   As a result, I came to understand deeply that “Nature can teach us everything” is true and that nature can provide us with everything we need. Human beings do not have to intervene in the workings of nature.  We do not have to input additives to the soil, such as synthetic fertilisers, pesticides, herbicides, and animal manure. These are not necessary at all. “

Podere Midolla’s olive oil has won many awards at various olive oil contests, gaining recognition as one of the foremost olive oil in Tuscany. 

Available in 500ml bottle and 3 litre tin.