Modena, Italy 

The vinegar farmhouse Acetomodena is immersed in the green Modenese countryside and surrounded by its own vineyards, in the northern province of Modena.

The Società Agricola Acetomodena (Acetomodena Agricultural Society) is a project which the Vecchi family passionately wanted to be directed towards the future of the planet, thanks in part to the extensive use of renewable energy, while at the same time maintaining its roots firmly embedded within the traditions of Modena.

Mr. Paolo Vecchi’s passion, the owner of the company, has always been to produce balsamic vinegars of only authentic quality. It was in this process that he met Shumei Natural Agriculture in October 2012, through his friend Mr. Macello Dragoni, general manager of Montalbano Agricola Alimentare Toscana CO., LTD, a Shumei’s partner in Tuscany for natural olive oil production. Mr. Vecchi decided to experiment viticulture with the Natural Agriculture method at part of his vineyard from 2013, it was then that the grape vinegar “Oro Supemo”, a simple annual product of high natural quality was born.


Variety of grape: Lumbrusco 100%
It derives from the fermentation of cooked grape must, by particular strains of acetic bacteria, often organised in bacterial colonies called “mothers” and the subsequent maturation for about three months in a cherry barrel.

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