The Logothetis family has a long history of producing extra virgin olive oil in Zakynthos island, Greece. The current owner, Dionyssis, is always pursuing creating excellent quality of olive oil and has been growing olives organically since 2005. From his experience, he found nature knows how to grow olive trees. What he needs to do is observing nature and giving just a little help such as minimum pruning.

In 2017, he has built his own mill so that his oil can avoid contamination with other oils. The olives are stone milled and pressed hydraulically  so that it will keep maximum quality of nutrients, rather than done by centrifugation.

The variety is called “Koroneiki” which is relatively small fruits than other olives for eating but suitable for olive oil.

This will be a great addition to our extra virgin olive oil range. Available from 4 May 2018.