We, Happy Soil Foods, are trying hard to create a positive cycle between farmers, consumers and soil by promoting Natural Agriculture. Natural Agriculture growers do not use synthetic chemicals or fertilisers (including animal manure) to control or manipulate the growing process, but instead focus on supporting and working in partnership with the natural forces to build a balanced, ecological partnership between farmer, food, earth, and eater.  

Soil produce our food. Farmers harvest it wishing people become healthier. Consumers eat it with gratitude. Soil will feel our gratitude and produce again.

All of our products are produced by this Natural Agriculture method by our partners farmers around world. Please browse all the categories of our shop page.

We want to say “nice to meet you” to our neighbours.

You can enter the code “nice2meetU” at the check out to get 10% off of all your purchases.

Delivery or Collection

Free delivery: If the address is within London (Zone 1 – 4) area:  Our staff member will deliver your order.

Collection: If you chose collection, please pick up your order at Shumei office at the London Irish centre.
50-52 Camden square
London NW1 9XB
(Murray street entrance, Ground floor of the London Irish Centre)
Open everyday from 9am to 6pm

Collection at the Stroud Green Market: We are at the market every Sunday except the second Sunday of the month. If you live near Finsbury Park, you may collect your order from our stall.
You may find more details of the Stroud Green Market here.