“How to make cider vinegar at home”. I found this web page last night. It explained how apple juice turns cider and the cider becomes cider vinegar. In another post, the author explained how to make wine vinegar from grape juice from a supermarket.

It is always interesting to know that invisible bacteria are helping to make our foods and drinks. To make vinegar from cider, apple seeds are added to the cider. There is a bacteria which makes vinegar out of alcohol. This bacteria lives inside and outside of the apple but the author says not to add apple’s skin because it might be contaminated by chemicals and will disturb the fermentation process.

We see some people who eat an apple with its skin on everyday. The apple may be organically grown but most of them doesn’t have choice. They are in a hurry. Because it is not visible to our eyes, we tend to think “It may be contaminated but this much should be ok”. There are a lot of bacteria in our stomach. Our bacteria might be fighting for us excessively every day to keep our health. Otherwise, we must be sick everyday like the apple skin spoils the fermentation process.

I am grateful to having this body with self-defence system.

Rod from Highbank Organic Farm explores the stark contrast between authentic, naturally fermented cider vinegar and the commercial alternatives available today. Please watch this video.