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  • Seed

    Seed is very important. It has a memory of the land. There are heirloom seeds, F1 seeds, GMO seeds, etc. […]

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Italian and Greek Olive oils

  • Bianchi Carlo extra virgin olive oil
    Bianchi Carlo Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Podere Midolla (Extra virgin Olive Oil)
    Podere Midolla (Extra virgin Olive Oil)
  • Logothetis extra virgin olive oil
    Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil


  • Organic white wine - Amfora
    Amfora – White wine
  • Ancestral - Sparkling wine
    Ancestral – Sparkling wine
  • Val Enchanté 2018
    Val Enchanté 2018


  • Brown rice
    Brown rice (Short grain rice)
  • Sushi rice (White round sticky rice)
    Sushi rice (White round sticky rice)

Highbank Orchard

  • Product on sale
    Highbank Proper Cider
    Highbank Proper Cider
  • Highbank Orgchard Cider vinegar
    Cider vinegar with mother

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