I received another feedback from people who are eating Natural Agriculture foods in Japan.

I enjoy Natural Agriculture rice every day. 
I have been eating natural rice every day for a long time now, but once the natural rice ran out and I had to eat conventional rice. I have always had eczema and at that time it gradually became itchy, and from the third day onwards my whole body started to itch. Now I am very grateful that I never run out of natural rice and can eat Natural Agriculture rice every day. I also receive Natural Agriculture vegetables in the distribution system, which has helped my itchy skin a lot.

I have read this kind of comment a lot until now. It could be rice, tea or vegetables but they are what we eat every day. A nutritionist may say “this vegetable is good for ***”, or “vitamin *** is good for this symptom” but before talking about nutritions, the effect from agrochemicals or other additives cannot be ignored. Because we eat them three times a day, even if the amount we take each time is very small, the total amount could be fairly large.

Sushi rice