When I go to buy food, one question always challenges me. Should I buy organic or should I buy local food? If I could find local organic food, I was lucky. But not many vegetables and grains grown in England are distributed in supermarkets. Maybe because of the climate? Or, maybe because of the cost? I don’t know.

Someone told me that there was an interesting lady who is a farmer, an activity and an artist. Here name is Lisa Fingleton. Her sandwich project tells the life stories of all the ingredients of a BLT sandwich by one picture.

The picture shows us each long travel story instantly. So impressive and clever way to express the story.

It’s good to have exotic food occasionally for enjoyment, but I believe local food is better when it comes to the food we eat everyday. Tropical fruit is good for people living in hot and warm areas. More root vegetables are harvested and more dairy products are consumed in colder areas. Nature produces food suitable for people living in that area.

We hope to offer more local food in the future. At least we maintain a good traceability because we grow plants from saved seeds. Natural Agriculture farmers know what plants experienced in the previous generations. Some survived hot summer, others overcame insect attacks. And we know the seeds haven’t been manipulated by any methods.

When you shop next time, please check which country the food was produced in.