I went to a used record shop today. There were a lot of records by artist I don’t know. I was checking record jackets to find the one that resonate today’s feeling and meet my budget. I believe the jacket artwork reflects the feeling of the music on its record.

This act is quite similar when I buy a wine. There are too many wines in a wine shop. If there were no label on the bottle, it is very hard to choose. Which information should we rely on to choose one bottle out of many on the shelf? Most of the case, people check the region, year, price, certification of origin or farming method. And overall impression of label and shape of the bottle is a very important part when we decide one bottle. Some has a very traditional impression, another one gives a modern one, etc.

Although It is still very hard for us at this moment we would like to be someone who emit light from action, behaviour, words so that people can feel trust.