We had a stall at a farmer’s market in north London today. It makes me really happy to hear “the turnips I bought last time were delicious. Can I have them again?” Or, “I’m sorry I can’t buy any today but the pumpkin was very good”.

One day at an Open Farm event of a Natural Agriculture farm in Wiltshire, a relatively older gentleman said the vegetables taste like when I was a child. Even I can feel the taste of vegetables and fruits changed since our childhood.

There have been pesticides, herbicides, soil improvers and so on to produce more and better ones. However, it seems nature is looking after our food very well. Foods grown without any inputs are very tasty.

We have a tongue in our mouth to judge if the things in our mouth can be swallowed or not. If it tastes good we enjoy eating. If it tastes bad, we may spit it out reflectively. Eating tasty foods is one of the keys for a healthy diet.

Moreover, freshness is very important and I like to see many people in London are growing vegetables at an allotment.