During the past few years, I was searching for an eco range of bags as an alternative to the plastic bags for fresh greens such as mixed salad, mizuna, Roquette and so forth.

Even though it’s called “eco” packing, the items in the range vary depending on the shop. Sometimes, it includes only biodegradable and compostable bags. Another shop includes recycled plastic bags, too. If it’s called compostable, there are several levels of compostable. Often, you’ll find “Home” compostable and “industrial compostable”. But sometimes it’s not clear.

We tested Natureflex at first. I thought it was fairly good to bring back vegetables from the market to home. However, when I saw it the following day, the lettuces were so weak as if it started decomposition. Yes. It was a compostable bag. When the conditions of temperature, humidity, etc. are matched, it seems to be accelerating the decomposition process.

I tried Biobag and Tipa and the results were similar. For the time being, we are offering a resealable zip bag or a paper bag to our customers. Please reuse and recycle the plastic bag. If the vegetables look a little weak, please soak them in water. After 20-30 minutes, they will regain their freshness. Vegetables are still living .