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“Ancestral” is more than just a wine; it’s an organic sparkling masterpiece crafted with precision and passion. Harvested in the crisp September air of 2019, each Malvasia de Sitges grape is carefully selected for its optimal ripeness, ensuring a symphony of flavors with every sip.

Upon harvest, the grapes undergo immediate pressing and decantation in our subterranean tanks, where nature’s alchemy begins. Here, alcoholic and malolactic fermentations take place with indigenous yeasts and bacteria, nurtured within the same concrete underground tank. This unique process imparts a depth of character and complexity rarely found in sparkling wines.

Can Suriol is practising Bio-dynamic farming for many years producing varieties of organic sparkling wines, red wines and white wines.  “Ancestral” features the singular Malvasia de Sitges variety, renowned for its fruity and intense characteristics. With a recommended serving temperature between 6-8ºC, each bottle promises a refreshing burst of effervescence, awakening the senses with every pour.

This young and sweet sparkling delight showcases the vibrant personality of Malvasia de Sitges, its essence enhanced by residual sugars. Ideal for indulgent moments or paired with desserts, “Ancestral” elevates any occasion with its exuberant charm and irresistible allure. Experience the magic of tradition and innovation bottled within each effervescent sip.

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