The forecast says it will be sub zero temperature later this week. When I was growing vegetables in an allotment, I used to hurry turning soil before frost came. I read in a gardening book that frost will break the soil structure and make a better need for the next season.

However, usually it is very wet this time of year in England and it was very hard to get in the field. Therefore, I needed to do it quickly.

There was a year that I could turn most of the land and I could have a fairly good harvest in the following year. When I could not turn the soil, I could not get a good harvest. I know there are people practicing the no-dig method. It didn’t work for my allotment.

In the first year I broke soil with a space or a fork. It required a lot of time and energy. When I found this book I was so relieved. “Ah, just turning soil is enough!”

Nature is always there to help us to produce our foods.