The production date was on a good label when I was little. At some point it was replaced by “Best Before” and “Use by” date.

When I was a university student I started living on my own. I’m not good at cooking. I knew nothing about food. I didn’t know where to check to tell the freshness of vegetables, meat, fish, etc. The date on the label was the only way to tell if the food is ok to eat.

Probably there are a lot of ME and people like me are producing food loss in the world. After meeting some producers I realised all of them are struggling to set the “Best Before” date.

They want everyone to taste their products in their best condition while they also want to reduce food loss. Every producer tends to set a little earlier date than the date suggested by a food testing lab. Their wish for the product to be consumed in better condition is slightly stronger.

Well we become smart enough to tell if the food is edible one day?