We once had a partner who grew oilseed tape in Ireland. It is very hard to find organic rapeseed producers.

It is said that oilseed rape is easy to get attacked by insects, get disease, lose competition with weeds (there’s no plants called “weeds”, by the way, but I need to use this term in this context). Therefore, farmers need to spray and add nutrients.

We had a good harvest in one year but not so well in another year. It might be because of the weather conditions. It could be soil conditions. Sometimes, we got a very good harvest in one side of the field, but not on the other side.

This Irish farmer explained to me it was like a pig. If the number of children who grow to adult is very small, nature produces a lot of children. Oilseed rape produce a lot of seeds. That means the rape is vulnerable. Ah, the same law applies to plants and animals!

We thank this farmer for trying the zero-input Natural Agriculture.