When we prune, it is not just shortening branches but also changing the energy flow of the plant. Therefore, we need to take extra care.

One example is Logothetis Organic Farm in Greece. Many of the olive growers in his island prune at the same time of harvesting using chainsaws. The owner says it is not the right timing and not the right tool.

If we cut branches during harvesting season, it will weaken the trees. The vibration of the chainsaw gives more damage to it.

He said we must prune around February or March using handsaws. Therefore, he needs to hire more people again during these months.

Usually, there are on and off years with olive trees. One year it bears a lot of fruits and it has less fruits the following year. But at the Logothetis Farm, they harvest a lot every year.

I think the result says his observation is true. I admire his effort to produce higher quality olive oil.