Unfortunately, we don’t have enough amount of vegetables to sell on this site. But occasionally we are sending our an email to announce available vegetables.

Recently, we had some Kabocha pumpkins which was grown from 29th generation seeds. Natural Agriculture farmers save seeds to plant them in the following season. “29th” means they continued saving seeds for 28 years. Therefore, the pumpkins have not been contaminated with chemicals, synthetic and organic fertilisers and other additives.

When you cut this pumpkin, you’ll find a lot of seeds inside. Usually, we tend to put them into a bin. We’d like to ask you plant seeds of our vegetables in your garden, allotment or even in a pot or planter. Usually, they are more resilient to climate change and insect damages. And the vegetable has dense flavour. If you see the cycle of plants, you will be amazed by the reality of life. Knowing and feeling are two different thing.