Before I found this Natural Agriculture, I didn’t have any doubts about “vegetables are healthy”.

After I started eating Natural Agriculture vegetables I noticed some of them were really tasty. They were very different from the ones from supermarkets.

Then I started learning about how foods are made, where they are from. There are a lot of farmers and food producers who pursue the best quality foods to supply healthier foods.

It is not so difficult to imagine there must be residues from agrochemicals. But also, seeds companies are developing new varieties and, for example, a new variety contains more sugar content than the traditional variety. Nutritional balance may vary depending on the variety even with the same vegetable.

We met people from Growing Real Food for Nutrition (Grffn) CIC who conducted research on nutritional foods. They are comparing samples from regenerative farmers.

Some might say we can take all the necessary nutrients by supplements. I believe it is more enjoyable to take necessary nutrients by eating delicious vegetables and foods (preferably with good friends and family).

It must be interesting to look for my favourite carrot, potato, kale, onion, and so on.