Riet vell in Catalonia is growing Natural Agriculture rice for us. There are mountains far away behind the rice paddies and that reminds me of Japanese scenery.

The rice is very tasty. The grains are a little bit larger than ordinary Japanese rice but it has a very similar texture so it is very good not only for paella but also for Japanese cuisine.


People often ask us “do you have rice bran?” or “do you know if they can find koji before the harvest?”. It seems its byproducts are more popular than rice itself. We want to share the rice so that people can eat Natural Agriculture food everyday because rice is one of the staple foods. However, people approached us from different angles. That is a very interesting phenomenon.

However, it is natural to look for bran and koji from not-sprayed rice because they are directly affected by chemicals. I am grateful to have this rice which is safe both inside and outside.