“Shizuoka” is the name of prefecture in Japan. It is known for the long history of tea production. It’s located in the southern part of central Japan. There are mountains and a highland which is suitable for tea production.

I visited Mr Ogose who supplies our green tea and hoji tea. He drove a 4WD small truck with a tiny 660cc engine. Just a 30 minute drive took us to the mountain area.

Now, we are surrounded by tea, tea, tea… The mountain is covered by lines of tea trees. It was so beautiful. Mr Ogose told me all the farmers of this mountain are growing tea organically. That is wonderful.

Then, he took me to the next field on the other side of the mountain. The truck goes very narrow agricultural path and steep hills. No wonder he has a 4WD truck.

It’s not hard to imagine their daily work is very hard. Pruning, harvesting, carrying leaves. All tasks are done on this steep hill.

Mr Ogose’s field is expanding simply because neighbouring farmers are getting older and retired. Mr Ogose’s sincere attitude towards Natural Agriculture accumulated their trust and asked him to use their land to grow organic tea.

He told me some young people had come to learn about how to grow Natural Agriculture tea. But no one could continue.

Mr Ogose says this way of working suits him. There is a busy season and a not-so-busy season. He works really hard during the busy season but he can do other things when it’s not so busy.

I thank him for growing delicious tea for everyone.

Natural Agriculture Tea field