Distribution of our products is always challenging. As a specialist small shop, our customers are spread across the UK. We have a stall at two farmers markets in north London. The number of people who share the value of Natural Agriculture is very limited.

There are people who stop by our stall regularly. We really appreciate their support. Fortunately, we are living in an internet era and we can have this online shop. A lot of people found us even though we didn’t do much to promote our website. People are working hard in our society. There are people working in a farm, working at a storage, working for a shipping company and so on.

Currently, it is the only way to group small consignments if we want to reduce the cost of shipping per item. Everyone is working very hard at their positions and we don’t want to see someone sacrificing themselves. I am hopeful that a new idea will emerge, much like someone created Uber to facilitate the movement of people around a town.